"Deliciousness is My Primary Concern": Watch This 12-Minute Coffee Documentary

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Approximately 2,000 hours of work go into every cup of coffee, from growing the beans to brewing the cup, according to this new 12-minute short documentary on coffee roasting from The Thrash Lab. "Specialty Coffee: The Pursuit of Deliciousness" takes an in-depth look at three California roasting companies -- Bay Area darling Blue Bottle, along with The Mill and Handsome Coffee Roasters down in L.A. -- and the mindset of the people behind the beans. Common themes include pride in every cup, the importance of treating the roasting and brewing process with respect, and, naturally, the deliciousness of the final product.

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Key quote (we think from Blue Bottle founder James Freeman?): "Coffee is so delicious, it's like one of those miracle products that tastes so good, makes you smarter, more energetic, more charming, happier, it's just continually fascinating. Just the process of growing it, bringing it into the country, roasting it, serving it, you know, it's a shared cultural experience that we have, the regulars that come in want to be part of that, want to interact with the baristas and other customers. It's not just because they want a delicious drink made by professionals, but they want to participate in that ritual."

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