'Tis the Season for End-of-Year Food Trend Lists

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Farmers' markets: So hot in 2013!
Time for another trend list! Facing off against Andrew Freeman & Co.'s prediction that toast and weird meat cuts will be big in 2013, and Technomic's prediction that 2013 will be the year of vegetables and ancient grains, we've got another food trendspotting contender in the ring. This time it's the National Restaurant Association, and their list is only remarkable in its predictability.

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According to the NRA, 2013 will be all about locally sourced and sustainably produced meat, seafood, and fruits and veggies. Which may be revolutionary places other than San Francisco, but c'mon, that's so 2009. The drinks list is a little more interesting -- onsite barrel-aged drinks, savory cocktails, beer sommeliers -- but still nothing we haven't see in the city.

Because it's the end of the year, the arena is only going to become more crowded with food trend predictions for 2013. And as the inimitable Laura Beck pointed out last year, these lists are often little more than wishful thinking on the part of the list-makers, hoping that the things they like best will hit the mainstream. So what do you think, will 2013 finally be the year Korean food comes to stay?

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I dunno about barrel-aged cocktails. I feel like that's kind of like wine-in-a-box. I like Manhattans with a huge punch and distinct flavors. But the barrel ones I've had kind of are just all mashed up. 

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