The Local Foods Wheel Keeps You in Season

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Tamara Palmer
The Local Foods Wheel for the San Francisco Bay Area.
The Local Foods Wheel launched in San Francisco in 2006. It's a handy visual and educational devise to stay seasonal with what's fresh within a 150-mile radius of the city. Right now, that means foods such as chicories, sunchokes, venison, kohlrabi, cardoons, persimmons, and (sadly for us, because there's a strike going on) Dungeness crab.

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The calendar utilizes old seasonal moon names from old almanacs. December is the snow moon, and January is the long nights moon.

Find it online ($12.95) or in person at Buyer's Best Friend and a number of other Bay Area locations. If you go to the BBF store, though, you can also pick up upper Midwest and New York metro wheels to send as gifts to friends and relatives.

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