Recovering From a Holiday Food Hangover

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Lara Hata
Deep-dish pizza at Capo's, reviewed this week, is definitely an indulgence.
Almost as time-honored as the holiday feast is the holiday food hangover. We've spent the past few days -- well, the past month, if we're being honest about it -- eating and drinking whatever happened to come our way, culminating in an epic Christmas dinner last night. And though we certainly over-indulged on the alcohol, our general malaise this morning has less to do with booze and everything to do with eating way too much.

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So what to do, in a house still filled to bursting with chocolate and cookies, beer and liqueurs, salamis and cheeses, and other temptations? Well, every restaurant writer has her own remedies for tired tummy. We generally drink as much water as possible, but besides that put nothing (except coffee) in our body until it asks for food. Then it's best to go simple. Brown rice and vegetables. Juices packed with vitamins. Nothing with too much animal fat. Remembering to move is important -- a nice, brisk walk usually does the trick. It's not rocket science, just common sense.

And as it turns out, a "food hangover" is a real thing, according to an article in the Wall Street Journal last week about foods that trigger headaches, including aged and fermented meats, fishes, cheeses, soy products like miso, veggies like sauerkraut. So the next time you wake up with a pounding headache, your diet could be to blame more than the peppermint schnapps and hot chocolate you sucked down last night. (Just kidding. Peppermint schnapps is always a recipe for disaster.)

What's that you say, you're ready to eat and drink even more? This week we reviewed Capo's, the new home of super-cheesy and delicious deep-dish pizza from North Beach pizza champion Tony Gemignani. After all, there's another week before New Years, when we have to atone for our sins of over-indulgence. Get the deep-dish in while you still can.

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Luisa Alberto
Luisa Alberto

SōW's saturday pop-up features 'the prescription': apple, orange, celery, kale, mint, parsley.

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