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Here is a "so-called hospitality" title worthy of space in your (compact, apartment) library. A new saucy book from Jacob Tomsky has tasty ties to the Bay Area, and serves up a chance to know what really happens in the crazy world of hotels.

Tomsky dishes the dirt on how to get a sweet (suite?) hotel upgrade and much more in his memoir, Heads in Beds. Ever wondered why the water tastes a little funny out of a hotel glass? Oakland native Tomsky promises it may be from hints of Pledge, used to keep glassware oh-so-tidy and shiny.

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The next time your hotel key stops working, think back to how nice you were (or not) to the hotel staff. Asshole types would get "key bombed" by Tomsky, in a move that deactivates a guest key after the second use. There are more tales of revenge and Tomsky has seen working girls, music stars and celebs, as well as the creepy guy who forgot his sex doll in his weekly hotel room. Oops.

Tipping up front with a twenty or fifty when you check in may lead to free flowing wine, views of Central Park and even a much beloved later checkout time. This book was fascinating, fun and interesting, and the personalities Tomsky knows from his years of hotel work remind one of similar boozy types found in the food world. Plus, the bombastic tone of the book itself reminded us of another incendiary tell-all that shook up the restaurant industry.

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