Raw Golden Healer Honey Sources Natural Candy From Stern Grove

Tamara Palmer
Stern Grove Floral honeycomb by Alla's SF Apiary and Raw Golden Healer Honey.
When we think of Stern Grove, we think of concerts and Shakespeare, but it's also a hidden source of some great natural candy. Raw Golden Healer Honey, in collaboration with Alla's S.F. Apiary, offers two sizes of honeycombs made from bees who chill in the park.

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Tamara Palmer
The batch we got is called Stern Grove Floral, and it's easy to recognize the flavor notes that gave this honey its name. You can eat the wax (or get a little of it on your toast) or chew it like candy, but the best part are the honey crystals that form between the honey and the wax. It's pure bee crack.

Honeycomb by Raw Golden Healer Honey is available alongside an impressive array of different kinds of honey from various San Francisco neighborhoods at Other Avenues.

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