"Meat Without Drugs" Campaigners Descend Upon Nob Hill Trader Joe's

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Joe the Pig wants to keep animals off drugs.
You'll get more than two-buck chuck and a few jars of artichoke hearts if you head to Trader Joe's on Nob Hill tomorrow morning around 10 a.m. Consumers Union, the policy and advocacy arm of Consumer Reports, has teamed up with local advocates and the anti-animal-antibiotic mascot Joe the Pig to hold a public press conference asking TJ's to stop selling meat and poultry raised on antibiotics. It's all part of the Consumers Union's "Meat Without Drugs" campaign, which was only fueled by the November Consumer Reports discovery that nearly 70 percent of pork samples they tested had dangerous bacteria resistent to antibiotics.

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The group has gathered more than 550,000 signatures from Americans asking the popular grocer to only stock antibiotic-free meat and poultry, in the face of growing concerns about the declining effectiveness of antibiotics on humans who eat it. Because Trader Joe's has already banned GMOs, trans fats, and artificial coloring from its product line, according to the Consumers Union, the retailer has a responsibility to public health and to "be a leader by helping move the livestock industry in the right direction."

Tomorrow, leaders from the Consumers Union, Natural Resource Defense Council, UCSF, and Physicians for Social Responsibility will be holding a news conference outside of TJ's to drive their point home to holiday crowds. Joe the Pig will also be on hand to lead the crowd in singing "holiday carols with a special twist," because as we learned from Elf, the best way to spread a message around the holidays is to sing loud for all to hear.

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Karl Wilder
Karl Wilder

They have not fully banned GMO's if you research some of the corn and soy products in the non organic line you will find GMO corn and soy.

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