Nabe Is The Latest Hot Pot One-Stop

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Tamara Palmer
Kimchi miso and spicy miso nabemono at Nabe.
Nabe (1325 Ninth Ave) opened on December 21 in the Inner Sunset, near the intersection of Ninth Avenue and Irving Streets, known to some local residents as "the food court." There are already plenty of ways to satisfy hunger in this zone, but this is already a promising newcomer, offering several kinds of nabemono, or Japanese hot pots, during dinner hours (5-10 p.m.).

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If you're dining in a duo, it makes sense to choose two different soup sets; we chose kimchi miso, which came pre-loaded with mixed veggies, and spicy miso broths on our first meal. Some sets come with thinly sliced beef, pork belly, or a seafood medley, and there are vegetarian options as well. There is an array of extras such as ramen, udon, and mochi for enhancements, but a basic order (which averages $18-22 each) has plenty of items to swish into the hot broth. Egg and rice is brought to make a finishing soup at the end. It was listed on the menu, but we overlooked it and gorged too much during the meal and had to skip it because we were so full.

This space has now been a few different restaurants since it was a notoriously known Burger King -- notorious because the upstairs neighbor had signs like "Boycott Smelly Burger King" in their windows for years. Nabe looks and feels fresh and clean, and novel design details such as hand-carved boxes that will eventually house signed sake bottles as customers drink them keep this from feeling like it was ever a fast food joint.

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