Jake's on Market Goes Out in a Passive-Aggressive Blaze of Glory

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A portion of the note Jake's on Market left behind when it closed.
Jake's on Market, the New American joint in the Castro, closed over the weekend -- leaving a deliciously passive-aggressive note pinned to the door. Inside Scoop took a snapshot of the offending document, the text of which is also printed on the restaurant's website. The note from owners Brad and Tim starts out nicely, thanking their regular customers and saying "we'll always remember your kindness." But it starts getting weird in the second paragraph.

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"And for a small minority of people who rooted for our failure before we ever opened our doors because we weren't the same restaurant that had previously occupied this space, and which we had no connection to, well, we'll never forget you either," the note reads, going on the cite Yelp reviews criticizing the color of the staff t-shirts as "both amusing and demoralizing."

It is certainly one way to go out, though in tone it reminded us of the slightly petty menu board name-calling directed at our critic a few weeks ago -- how productive is this sort of thing in the longrun, really? We're also not entirely sure who's in that "small minority" rooting for a friendly neighborhood restaurant's failure either, but if you're among them, you should probably be ashamed of yourself.

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Jake's on Market - CLOSED

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This is just another example of how inane Yelp really is. It blackmails small businesses into advertising in order to allow good reviews to be unfiltered, allows every negative review full attention, has enabled extortion with its reviewers, and has lost millions since inception. They're so busy waging embarrassing campaigns trying to weed out false positive reviews that they miss the point. A negative review impacts small businesses far more unfairly than any fake positive review could ever hurt a consumer. Their management needs to seriously consider the entire framework of their business plan. Hurting the people who actually provide revenue to them is just insane. Eventually, it's stock price will catch up.

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