Here Are Some Adorable Animals Eating Things

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Awful. The news today is just awful. On days like today, there's little else to do but hug your loved ones, write your congressman, post sad messages on Facebook and Twitter, and then settle down to reaffirm your faith in the world by watching animal videos on YouTube. We've rounded up some of our favorite videos of animals adorably eating things.

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Here's a slow loris named Kinako eating a rice ball:

Here's a baby pygmy loris eating watermelon:

Here's a baby porcupine with the hiccups eating a slice of banana:

Here's a grown-up porcupine named Teddy Bear who really likes corn on the cob:

Here are two pandas enjoying their frozen birthday cake at the San Diego Zoo:

Here are a bunch of animals at the Houston Zoo trying to eat pumpkins (the elephants know what's up):

And here's a young Bernese Mountain dog facing off against a lemon:

We know nothing can take away the pain of the tragic events this morning in Newtown, or the image of our president crying on television. Stay safe out there, everyone, and call your loved ones.

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