Berkeley Bowl Pasta Uses Beets as Magic Ingredient

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Tamara Palmer
Uncooked and cooked beet pasta by Berkeley Bowl.
Among the in-house fresh pasta offerings at Berkeley Bowl are two varieties made with purple beets, including a fettucine-sized package and a slightly thicker cut noodle. After road testing them in the kitchen, we're comfortable declaring that this could be a great beet gateway for anyone who is shy on the root.

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A little bit of magic happens when they're dropped in boiling water -- the noodles transform from a nice hue of reddish purple into a paler, pinkish color. We dressed our cooked pasta with some lemon-infused olive oil and black pepper, expecting a strong beet flavor. Instead, it's very subtle; only one of those super-tasters with eighty billion taste buds on their tongues would likely be able to call out beets as one of the notes in here. For the rest of us, it's a lesson in Deceptively Delicious cooking, where you can sneak in a perhaps controversial healthy ingredient to trick people into loving it.

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Charles Lemos
Charles Lemos

I love cold heirloom beets sliced or diced as a base for a salad.

Robert la Bohème
Robert la Bohème

Shredded fresh beets in a salad are my favorite. Most people think they hate beets because of the ones in a can we grew up on. Love borscht too.

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