479° Popcorn Fires Up a Holiday Special

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479° Popcorn
Dark chocolate and peppermint caramel corn by 479° Popcorn.
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It can be ridiculously hard to find the right treat for the person who keeps on top of every cool local food product that comes out, but one way to surprise them is to get them something that is a limited edition holiday special that has never been made before. If this is the kind of gift-giving need you have right now, consider the seasonal flavor currently being offered by San Francisco's 479° Popcorn, a dark chocolate and peppermint oil-infused caramel variety.

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Company founder Jean Arnold has been popping since she was a kid, and as a culinary school graduate she developed a strong flair for creating spice and taste combinations. She uses heirloom popcorn that has a real substantive and toothy bite, which results in a far different experience from anything you might crunch and munch or microwave from a dude named Orville.

You'll have to hurry to order this fleeting flavor online, since it's not stocked with her usual flavors around town. It's selling in a five-pack of pouches ($23), so maybe you can save one for yourself, too. We won't tell.

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