Turkish Manti Dumplings at Troya Recall Familiar Flavors

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Melissa Barnes
Manti at Troya Mediterranean Kitchen.
The Turkish form of manti dumplings as served at Troya Mediterranean Kitchen has some familiar reference points for Western palates, landing somewhere on the spectrum between dim sum and handmade pasta. A thin wrapper of dough is pinched around a small portion of ground beef, boiled, and served with a paprika yogurt tahini sauce, a drizzle of fruity red pepper oil, and sumac.

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The size of these manti are like the ones credited to the city and province of Kayseri in Central Anatolia, Turkey. They seem to get larger as they migrate through other neighboring regions and countries.

Troya's manti are not much bigger than a gumball, and a whole plate would be dangerously easy to inhale. Fortunately, the richness of the yogurt eases the craving to do so and makes for appreciative, slow bites. It's not something to scarf down quickly. Pair it with an equally treacherously smooth Turkish white wine and you won't know what hit you.

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Troya Fillmore

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