Torani Releases Chicken-and-Waffle Syrup (For Reals This Time)

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Well, it's happened: As if bacon syrup weren't bad enough, on Monday S.F.-based Torani released a chicken 'n waffles-flavored syrup. Apparently the company sent around a fake press release about the syrup as an April Fool's joke this year, and the people of the Internet were so outraged that it wasn't a real product that Torani decided to create it IRL. So, according to the press release, in late April "the Torani research and development team set out for a day-long flavor safari to Bay Area restaurants like Auntie April's and Frisco Fried, to find the gold standard of this classic food combination." And thus the chicken-and-waffle syrup was born.

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Balancing the flavors of buttermilk waffles, fried chicken, and maple syrup wasn't easy, said lead developer and senior syrup scientist Pat Wong: "I had created an enormous range of products in my career, but this was by far the most unusual and one of the most difficult challenges." We bet.

The Torani website, currently the only place to buy the syrup, has a few recipe ideas including chicken 'n waffles flavored butter (which sounds kind of good) and chicken 'n waffles vinaigrette (which does not). Or it suggests drizzling the syrup over waffles (meta!) or incorporating it in bourbon cocktails (hmm, we're still feeling burned from our recent bacon-flavored bourbon experience).

Buy the syrup for $6.95 per 375 ml bottle, while supplies last.

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@imrachelbelle Don't you think the bacon thing has gone too far? It's like, ok internet, bacon is yummy. We get it.


@Chef_Jay file that one under things that should not exist ever. Chicken & Waffle flavored syrup just sounds wrong


@imrachelbelle That's the grossest meat flavored beverage I've heard of since Jones' mashed potatoes & turkey soda.

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