Top Five San Francisco Chefs to Follow on Instagram

Instagram/Chris Cosentino
Chris Cosentino's Instagram has fans in high flying places.
The photo-sharing social network Instagram has just widened its addicting potential by making member profiles visible on the Internet instead of only via mobile apps. This means that we can enjoy widescreen food porn from some of San Francisco's leading tech-savvy chefs. These are the top five who consistently make us drool:

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"Hot and Cold Foie Gras. Gooseberry, Quince , pistachio"
5. David Bazirgan

The executive chef at Fifth Floor offers glimpses of behind the scenes woes (i.e. the front of the house always loads up their staff meal plates first with the biggest quantities), produce freaks of nature (i.e. phallic carrots), and intricate new dishes. If you're following him on Instagram, you also get bonus cute baby boy photos of his smiley son.

"Wood grilled chicken skewers. Cut up a chicken and skewer EVERYTHING. Wings. Oysters. Thighs. Tails. Skin. Shoulder blades. Neck. Serve with lemon, togorashi, and sansho pepper."
4. Richie Nakano

Following Hapa Ramen's leader gives you the first peek at new ideas and his always-sassy Ferry Building specials board; last week's Election Day board offered "fuel to help kick Mitt in his giant face," for example. Nakano also sneaks in some cute kid photos in there as well.

"Dinner bell chicken, fennel, dill and gravenstein apple sauerkraut."
3. Brandon Jew

Bar Agricole's chef documents his adventures behind the stove and in other restaurants where he is the customer. Lately, he's been fond of posting collages that illuminate his crew's process in breaking down whole animals.

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