S.F. Restaurant Mad Libs: Hours of Hilarious Fun

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We were browsing Twitter this morning over a cup of coffee, and this funny tweet from Wing Wings caught our eye. What a great idea: Make-your-own San Francisco restaurant Mad Libs!

They're missing a key local word, however: pickled. (Tartare could be on there too -- in the past few weeks we've seen it applied to beef, lamb, and trout -- as well as the up-and-coming sprouted.) What other nouns, adjectives and verbs are you tired of seeing on local restaurant menus? Let's make the #SanFranciscoRestaurantMadlibs hashtag happen.

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It's not the first time the famous road trip game has been applied to the restaurant world, either -- a couple years back, those jokesters at Eater made then-NYT restaurant critic Sam Sifton Mad Libs ("Fill in the blanks to write your own one star New York Times restaurant review!"). And in 2007, SF Weekly's own Katy St. Clair wrote a Bouncer column entirely in Mad Libs, which sounds like a fun thing to revisit as you snuggle up in your sweatpants this afternoon ... perhaps with an order of Wing Wings' Angry Korean wings and a brown sugar biscuit?

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