San Francisco is Home to Two of the Oldest Bars in the U.S.: Can You Guess Which Ones?

The Saloon
As far as booze-related, hands-on historical homework goes, the fact that San Francisco contains two of the top ten oldest bars in the United States could radically transform even the most uninterested students into students bursting with eagerness and a real thirst for knowledge. We went to check 'em out and report back to the class.

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Bar #1: The Saloon (established in 1861 in North Beach)
It may be small, and it may smell a little funky, but boy does this place have charm. San Francisco's oldest bar is known for its nightly live blue's bands and its seriously stiff cocktails. It's crowded but full of laid back older individuals just looking to get their dance on and their drink on. Imbibing at the saloon is like walking across the Golden Gate Bridge; you have to be able to say you tried it.

Bar #2: The Little Shamrock (established in 1863 in Inner Sunset)
If you take a side of Irish coffee with your history lesson, The Little Shamrock has you covered. With comfy seating, a regular crowd, a jukebox, and board games, you're bound to feel at home in this Inner Sunset establishment. Give us cheap beer, a friendly atmosphere, and the chance to say "this is why our city is better than your city" anyday. We'll take it, San Francisco.

Location Info


The Saloon

1232 Grant, San Francisco, CA

Category: Music

The Little Shamrock

807 Lincoln, San Francisco, CA

Category: Music

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No jukebox at the Sham. Don't know what you're smokin', or drinkin' rather.


 @Nope Whoops. My apologies. No jukebox...but they have some great bartenders who do play excellent music. Next drink is on me! :)

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