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SF Homebrewers Guild
The judging underway at the Presidential Honey Ale Competition.
Four more years!....of home-brewed beer in the White House, that is. With Obama's re-election, hopefully the White House chefs will continue to share their adventures in brewing with us. We're pretty sure that if White House tours came with a beer sampler, we would cease to be a divided nation once and for all.

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With the Presidential Honey Ale Competition, the SF Homebrewers Guild did its part to reach across the aisle to beer aficionados from all walks of life. On a sunny Sunday in the Mission, 200 thirsty homebrew fans gathered to honor one of our most cherished American traditions -- early afternoon drinking. Attendees sampled the 28 honey ale entries and other homebrewing experiments graciously donated by members of the SFHG while noshing on small plates of pork belly sliders and takoyaki from Nombe. A panel of judges teased out the flaws and merits of each brew, and party-goers voted on a People's Choice favorite honey ale, favorite non-honey ale, and favorite label design. Without further ado, the winners of the SFHG Presidential Honey Ale Competition:

WH Honey Ale Competition winners:
#1 Jay Faustini & Andrei Fintescu -- Obama's Land of Milk & Honey Ale
#2 Michael Stearns -- The 47% Honey Ale
#3 Marth Warner de Amar -- Martha's Obamalicious Honey Ale
Honorable Mention to Paul Barnes & Colin Elliot -- Queen Bee Ale

People's Choice Label Competition Winner: Paul Barnes & Colin Elliot -- Queen Bee Ale

People's Choice non-WH Honey Ale: Kevin Inglin -- Humble Legitimate Son (Oaked Arrogant Bastard clone)

People's Choice WH Honey Ale: Jamie Simpson -- Liberty Bee Ale

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