Protest Heats Up Over Frjtz's Use of Pepper-Spraying Cop to Sell Hot Sauce

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Hey, remember last year when the image of a UC Davis cop pepper-spraying Occupy protestors went viral? The incident hasn't gone to the Internet meme graveyard yet, despite a $1 million settlement required of the University of California a few months ago. Over the weekend, SFist discovered that Frjtz Fries is using the image in ads peddling its new Meyer Lemon hot sauce, thanks to a post from Twitter user @KdotCdot, and the image has predictably drummed up a fresh round of protest on Twitter.

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It's not the first time Frjtz Fries has associated the image with its hot sauce -- as Tamara Palmer reported back in April, the pepper spraying cop was adorning the hot sauce bottles in the Hayes Valley Frjtz Fries shop with the directive to "shake it like you mean it."

What do you think -- funny or tasteless?

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Not funny because the image is played. Not tasteless though because that does look like delicious sauce that would add taste to any basket of fries.

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