Our New Hero WordPress Releases Tools For Restaurant Websites

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You've heard it all before, we know -- restaurant websites are the worst, with their flash-heavy animation that doesn't work on smartphones, tinny soundtrack that normal humans mute within two seconds, and out-of-date information that's scattered across the site in an "artistic" fashion. (Note: To be fair, there are fewer of these problems in the websites of new restaurants, but they're still rampant.) It's hard to place blame on restauranteurs, who often aren't particularly web-savvy and spend their time focused more on running the restaurant than updating the site. But hey! Blogging platform WordPress just released Confit, a set of new web tools aimed at restaurateurs to make the job of creating a good-looking, functional restaurant website exponentially easier.

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Confit is a clean, photo-heavy WordPress theme designed with mobile devices like smartphones and tablets in mind, and comes with customizable widgets that will embed things like Open Table, Google Maps, and tap-to-call phone numbers in the sidebar. There's also a page that lets you manage your menu items, and judging from the demo site, looks like you can upload photos of each dish next to the name.

Of course, as with all WordPress themes, Confit is a one-size-fits-all endeavor if you don't spring for custom design work or know enough HTML to customize the code yourself. Still, it seems like a huge step forward. We'd rather have every restaurant website be functional but look the same than a bunch of beautiful, outdated, useless-on-our-iPhone web pages. Now we'll just have to see if any restauranteurs adopt it.

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yes! RT @nomadscookies Restaurant community, @WordPress has a cure for your flash-heavy, mobile unfriendly web sites! http://t.co/0fz2Q3cz

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