Donate One Warm Coat, Scarf a Sweet Treat

Goody Goodie's old-school chocolate chip cookies.
From November 26 to December 10, 18 local pastry chefs will reward your donation of a coat to their One Warm Coat charity drive with a nice bite of dessert. For example, Prospect is giving out its addictive sea salted and cocoa nibbed caramel corn, Farallon is making walnut caramels and chocolate raspberry macarons, COCO500 has a chocolate peanut butter layered truffle, and Goody Goodie Cream and Sugar is offering an old-school chocolate chip cookie.

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Waterbar formally kicks everything off with an event at 11 a.m. on November 26; the restaurant's pastry chef Emily Luchetti (who pulls double duty at Farallon) is responsible for pulling together this massive effort.

Here's the full list of participants where you can donate coats for sugar: One Market, Waterbar, Tartine Bakery, La Folie Restaurant and Lounge, Goody Goodie Cream and Sugar, Kitchen, Range, Town Hall, Brasserie S&P Mandarin Oriental, Bourbon Steak, Zaré at Fly Trap, COCO500, Prospect, Absinthe Pastry, Tout Sweet, Noe Valley Bakery, and 1300 on Fillmore.

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So many choices of where to drop off coats! Any other details on what different restaurants will be offering in exchange?

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