New Video from Producers of Rebecca Black's "Friday" Features the Saddest Thanksgiving Ever

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its thanksgiving group shot.jpg
Screenshot from "It's Thanksgiving"
If you spent any time on the social medias this weekend, you probably saw the new Thanksgiving-themed music video from the creative geniuses who brought us Rebecca Black's cult hit "Friday," commonly known as the worst music video ever. The ARK Music Factory-produced video for Nicole Westbrook's new single "It's Thanksgiving" tells the tale of an apparently orphaned tween who loves the holiday so much that she makes a feast for her (similarly orphaned?) tweenage friends and, inexplicably, song scribe/producer/fully grown man Patrice Wilson (who also appeared in Black's video, but here arrives in a turkey costume and comes across as more of a creeper than ever).

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The themes and structure of "It's Thanksgiving" are pretty similar to "Friday" -- a prettyish teen girl sings about her favorite day of the year, aided by plenty of shots of calendars, repeated lyrics, apple-cheeked tweens, and Auto-Tune -- but what sends this one over the edge is the food she sings so much about. The food looks terrible. Because she's like 11 years old, Westbrook's parent-free Thanksgiving meal consists of a distractingly sad hodgepodge of:

A tiny "turkey" that looks suspiciously like a chicken.

its thanksgiving turkey.jpg
Screenshot from "It's Thanksgiving"

Kraft macaroni and cheese.

its thanksgiving mac and cheese.jpg
Screenshot from "It's Thanksgiving"

Stuffing and mashed potatoes from a box (though I suppose it's a bit much to ask a child to make her own bread crumbs or peel a bunch of potatoes).

its thanksgiving stuffing.jpg
Screenshot from "It's Thanksgiving"

Cranberry sauce, the jiggly kind from the can, which Westbrook is clearly not stoked about.

it's thanksgiving cranberry sauce.jpg
Screenshot from "It's Thanksgiving"


it's thanksgiving ribs.jpg
Screenshot from "It's Thanksgiving"

That's pretty much it, except for some overcooked-looking green beans. No wonder no one's eating much.

its thanksgiving small plate.jpg
Screenshot from "It's Thanksgiving"

Anyway, you should watch the video in all its glory. And with the significant lack of Thankgiving songs on the market, this one is pretty much guaranteed to be played ad nauseum, at least for the next two weeks until the Internet finds something new to be mean about.

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