Nate Silver's Past Life as a Burrito Reviewer

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The Burrito Bracket
As if we needed yet another reason to love mathematics genius/magician Nate Silver, the man who reassured us that Obama would indeed win the election on Tuesday (as well as predicted the results of several other races): Mission Mission has discovered that in a past life, Silver ran a blog called The Burrito Bracket reviewing burritos in his Chicago neighborhood.

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The blog is fairly data-heavy, as you'd expect from a statistician, and contains several charts assessing burrito quality that seem like crude previews of the charts Silver used to predict election results. Along with reviews of several Wicker Park burritos, there are also musings on such burning questions as whether a burrito is a sandwich.

The Burrito Bracket
The sad part is, the bracket was never finished -- Silver never crowned a winner. Maybe now that the election's over and his book, The Signal and the Noise, has been published, he can go back to his first love?

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