Mendocino Beer, Wine & Mushroom Festival Starts Today

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Mendocino Beer, Wine & Mushroom Festival

Where: Locations throughout Mendocino County (check here for full festival schedule)
When: Nov. 2-11
Cost: Varies, but many events are free

The rundown: If you're considering a road trip up to Mendocino County, consider going in the next week and a half during this annual celebration of fungi and light alcoholism. Wineries, brewpubs, and other businesses in the area have planned a plethora of events to consider. Activity levels range from passively drinking and tasting (several events) to paddling a kayak for three-hours to look for mushrooms (Nov. 3).

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If this sounds like a serious endeavor, it is, whether it's eating mushroom desserts (Nov. 2), riding the beer, wine, and mushroom train (Nov. 3) or exploring mushrooms as natural art (Nov. 10).

Fun fact: Did you know that the candy cap mushroom only grows on the coast of Northern California? But this strange, little maple flavored fungi is but one of the special varieties you'll learn about, taste, or even pick -- you'll also have a shot at scoring fancypants types like chanterelles, hedgehogs, morels, and porcinis.

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The shroom pictured Coprinus Comatus, is definitely tasty but some Coprinus species have a tendency to react badly when mixed with alcohol.  They are called "Tippler's Bane".  YOur body chemistry may vary.  Use caution, only eat a small portion of a PROVEN EDIBLE the first time and wait a day to see if any bad reactions occur.

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