Macademics Equals Nuts Worth Studying

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Tamara Palmer
Macademics is more than a catchy marketing name, it's the study of some of the best macadamia nuts available in North America. The 74-year-old Brazilian company has recently set up a local sales office in Belvedere to distribute its fleur de sel-kissed macadamias nationally. Let's just say that, unlike the Hawaiian macadamias that arrive drenched in chocolate, these nuts don't need any extra help.

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Buttery isn't the first word that comes to mind when describing nuts, but these have such a creamy texture that it's not a stretch to think there might be an invisible pat of the stuff hiding inside. Maybe that's why the trees take 12 years to mature. Salted nuts can be sodium overload in general but there is just enough salt here to bring out that natural flavor and not be the top note.

Pouches or cans of Macademics are easily found online or at Buyer's Best Friend.

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