Kika's Treats Surpasses The 100 Grand Bar

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Crunchy caramels by Kika's Treats.
San Francisco confectioner Kika's Treats take a nostalgic American fondness for the chocolate, caramel, and puffed rice combo in Nestlé 100 Grand candy bars (which were always the most coveted in the Halloween bag) and elevates the idea with Brazilian-inspired ingenuity. Small (too small, in our greedy mouths) squares of dark chocolate covered, fleur de sel blessed caramels are made with palm sugar, which offers that deep-down, satisfying caramel sweetness for sugar fiends that the big candy conglomerates just can't achieve with chemical compounds. And, unlike the mass-marketed bar, the chocolate and caramel don't pull apart like reluctant frenemies and actually melt in the mouth well together.

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The puffed rice in these caramels is from brown rice and the grains have a much nicer mouthfeel than the 100 Grand, more of an approximation of that snap, crackle, and pop that always comes to mind. Nine-piece boxes can be purchased online or at various retail partners around town; we found a newly-issued and pocket-sized three-pack at Other Avenues.

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