It's Ketchup! It's Sriracha! It's Srirachup!

Bay Ewald
By now, you may very well be starting to understand cult-like craze that surrounds Huy Fong Foods' Sriracha sauce (you know, the one with the green top, white lettering, and rooster on the bottle). Whether you're drizzling it onto scrambled eggs, squirting it into your soup, or using it to spice up your slice of cheese pizza, the possibilities for this paste of chili peppers, distilled vinegar, garlic, sugar, and salt seem endless. But, lo and behold, just as we thought the Sriracha craze could not get any crazier ... we discovered Sosu Ketchup's new sweet and spicy lovechild: Srirachup.

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Bay Ewald
Lisa Murphy, Chief Sauce Maker at Sosu, says her ketchup approach is simple: it's about the tomatoes, the flavor, and the care. She avoids processed tomato paste and high fructose corn syrup, instead preferring fresh, vine-ripened tomatoes from California farms. Sosu works with local farmers like Happy Boys at Noe Valley Farmers Market to source locally and make small batch sauces. Their signature sauce, Srirachup, is the perfect blend of sweet tomatoes, brown sugar, sea salt, and vinegar with the spicy kick of chili peppers.

Sosu also sells orange ketchup, made with orange jubilee tomatoes and sweet agave nectar for a colorful and tasty twist on the classic condiment. You can find Lisa and her $6.99, nine-ounce bottle sauces at Noe Valley Farmer's Market every Saturday morning from 9am-1pm. Sauces are also sold at 24th Street Cheese Shop, Rainbow Grocery, and Marina Meats.

Bay Ewald

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Rainbow Grocery

1745 Folsom, San Francisco, CA

Category: Restaurant

Marina Meats

2395 Chestnut, San Francisco, CA

Category: General

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Ive seen it at rainbow and myself bought it at birite. Its soo good!


Iv'e always assumed that at low end places I had been eating Srirachup!


Looks pretty good. Where can we find it in retail? Whole Foods? Berkeley Bowl?


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