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Bay Ewald
When Hey, Cookie! owner Christa Hill walked into the room dressed in a costume that resembled a cross between vintage Cinderella and Dorothy and smelling of all kinds of cookie dough, she most certainly turned a few heads. Christa started her adventure with a bake sale for Rabbit Rescue, Save a Bunny, and was then urged by friends to share her sweets with the city. You may have seen her in Dolores Park or at your favorite pub in the Mission, spreading smiles and selling magical morsels of homemade goodness. We think most people would agree when we say this woman is onto something, and that something tastes pretty good. Now of course my intention was to be cookie-critical, but in this case, there simply was not anything to criticize.

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Bay Ewald
Though I spent hours (yes, hours) toiling over which cookie was my own personal favorite, in the end, the winner was the bourbon, cranberry, and white chocolate chip cookie. I could eat barrel-aged, distilled-spirit cookies that combine the health benefits of cranberries and the milky goodness of white chocolate all day, any day.

Bay Ewald
But butterscotch oatmeal...you also have my heart. And because you are made from ground oats, I find it acceptable -- if not necessary -- to consume you for breakfast alongside my morning coffee. (Your butterscotch chips are an added sugary bonus used to kick start my day).

Bay Ewald

Don't worry gluten-free eaters, you can feast on the peanut butter, peanut butter-cup, cookie and feel no remorse. Although, fair warning: if you eat four in the span of five minutes (as I did) you may feel slightly guilty.

Bay Ewald
The crumbly texture of these raspberry shortbread bars, makes it excusable to eat more than one because some fell onto your shirt and onto the ground when you bit into it, right? Right.

Bay Ewald
And finally, the toffee chip cookie. The caramelized sugar of toffee always has a way of melting in your mouth, but once put in cookie form, its mouth-melting powers reach an entirely new level.

Bay Ewald

Tins of cookies start at $25 and include free delivery within San Francisco.

Bay Ewald

Or ... you can find Christa cruising around Dolores Park by day and bars like Kilowatt, Lucky 13, and Amnesia by night as she moves through pubs in the Castro, Mission, and Lower Haight. Trust me when I say, it's kind of hard to miss her.

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