Fresh Sugarcane Is On Special at Wah Fa

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Tamara Palmer
Sugarcane from Wah Fa market.
Sugarcane pops up at various farmers markets around San Francisco, including the Alemany and Heart of the City Farmers Markets, but it's not easy to score at permanent places. Fresh pressed sugarcane juice is even a rarer find. Ingleside Vietnamese restaurant Ha Tien Hut (1109 Ocean) may be one of the only places within city limits to find it following the closure of Irving Cafe & Dessert in the Outer Sunset, a spot that favored the grassy green variety of sugarcane for juicing (there are close to 40 different species in all).

Luckily, Wah Fa (2165 Irving), a tiny Chinese grocery store near the former Irving Cafe & Dessert, currently has burgundy-hued sugarcane on special for 99 cents per pound.

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Those with textural issues may not love the fibrous qualities involved in chewing on sugarcane just to extract its precious sucrose. But it can also be a quick, low-calorie way to temporarily tame a sweet tooth. It's a bit hard to initially cut but can be easily broken and "skinned" after an incision is made. The effort probably makes it taste a little better.

Know more places to find fresh sugarcane or sugarcane juice? We'd love to hear about them in the comments.

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