Burrata and Hand-Pulled Mozzarella Are Not Cheesy Trends

Tamara Palmer
Burrata and frybread at State Bird Provisions.
Cracking into the year's umpteenth portion of burrata (fresh cheese made of mozzarella and cream), this time over frybread at State Bird Provisions the other night, and a trendy thought occurred. Like sliders or tacos, burrata has officially achieved near-ubiquity on San Francisco menus. But unlike those dishes, burrata's omnipresence is a most welcome wave, and we've yet to find a version around these parts that is not competent. Drape it over meatballs, in sandwiches, pasta, or bread, or just plop it on the plate -- and we're gonna come a-calling.

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Tamara Palmer
Hand-pulled mozzarella at Cupola Pizzeria.
We recently learned from eating at Cupola Pizzeria that hand-pulled mozzarella, where cheese curds are melted in warm water right before serving, achieves an even creamier texture than burrata. This method of preparation involves more à la minute work for a restaurant, so it's not seen as much as burrata on menus, but it's a taste and texture that all cheese lovers should experience.

Yes, cheese has been clinically proven to be an evil addiction that the brain has trouble weaning off. But if there's a cure for love, we don't want it.

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