Adventures of the Radish That Looks Like a Man

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radish running field.jpg
Between the election and the super storm, this has been a pretty serious week in the news world. Thank god for Japanese farmer @konsai_umemama, who, upon discovering a daikon radish in his field that looked like a running person, decided to photograph it in various whimsical settings and post them on Twitter. Just a little comic relief for your Monday.

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You have the radish running from the dog:

radish running dog.jpg

The radish fleeing from the shopping mall:

radish running away mall.jpg

The radish doing the high jump:

radish sky.jpg

And my personal favorite, the radish who decided to seek his fortune down the road:

radish road.jpg

Now that you've thoroughly enjoyed that, you should probably read my breakdown of Prop 37, because tomorrow is Election Day. Radishes don't have voting rights, but you do!

[via Spoon & Tomago]

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