Food Trendspotters Now Predicting 2013 Will Be Lamest Year Ever

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Veggies: so hot next year.
Food trendspotting firm Technomic has come out with its annual predictions for what's around the corner in the food world, and claims that 2013 will be the year of ... the vegetable. Now the only question remains: Is this better or worse than the 2013: the year of toast forecasted by local consulting firm Andrew Freeman & Co.?

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Anyway, according to Technomic, "As more diners discover the joys of occasional meatless meals, the flirtation with vegetarian fare evolves into flexitarian fascination with actual vegetables." We're not entirely sure what that means, but sure, okay.

Like Freeman & Co., Technomic is also all about the ancient grains, whose popularity it attributes to the rise of the gluten-free movement. Also potentially big: snacks, "noodle-shop noodles," diner and deli fare (including pickles, which have been a thing forever, c'mon), globe-trotting fast-casual restaurants, hip new beverages, and South American food.

You heard it here first, folks. Eat some South American fast-casual veggie noodle snacks while chugging a unique beverage, and you'll be ahead of the curve.

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