Vegansaurus Just Launched a Sassy App for Bay Area Vegan Eating

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Vegansaurus, the popular vegan lifestyle blog run by (full disclosure) SFoodie contributors Laura Beck and Megan Rascal and SF Weekly's fabulous copy editor, Meave, has teamed up with Escape Apps to produce a pocket guide to the best vegan food in the Bay Area. The new app offers detailed reviews of 77 locations around the Bay Area, all with photos and the irreverent voice you've come to expect if you read the blog.

Along with utilizing GPS wizardry when you login to recommend the best vegan eats near your current location, the app also has the option to save places for later, one-touch dialing, turn-by-turn directions, and useful information like hours and websites. But our favorite part of the app is the writing, which has us using it though we eat animal products on a daily basis. Unlike most guidebooks, the ladies at Vegansaurus tell it like they see it.

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On the swanky veg palace, Millennium Restaurant:

"I have a rule for Millennium Restaurant. You take me here, I will put out. Whether you like it or not."

On the foccacia mecca Liguria Bakery:

"The ladies who work here are mean as fuck. I'm sure they're really nice in real life when they're not serving the hordes of North Beach frat boy tourists or tourists looking for 'The Real San Francisco.'"

On the meatless meatball sub from Ike's Place:

"It was so meaty, I almost asked to be led to the cow it came from so I could be all, 'GOTCHA!' and then puke the dead animal all over them. But it was not, it was real live fake meat and it was magical."

You get the point. It's fun to peruse, and we imagine it's very practical for discerning vegans looking for delicious things to eat in S.F., the East Bay, and beyond.

The app is currently only available for the iPhone, though an Android version is in the works, and sells for $1.99 in the iPhone app store.

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