Two-Buck Chocolatier: Capsule Chocolates

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Tamara Palmer
Capsule chocolate maker at Ichiban Kan.
Real candy makers will surely shudder in horror at Ichiban Kan's (22 Peace Plaza; 1931 Irving) $2 "capsule chocolate" maker, but it's a fun thing for amateurs like us to try out. It comes with little bitty teeny tiny instructions that basically offer the most rudimentary directions for tempering chocolate (heat it up to a certain temperature and cool it down to a certain temperature). The chocolate is poured into a mold of two round halves and put in the refrigerator to chill and become solid. Once it is set, you can throw in a filling du choix, run a hot spoon along one edge to slightly melt it to meld the two pieces together, and create one orb of super gourmet deliciousness.

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Local combos we think could be heavenly when pressed into the capsule chocolate maker: Guittard 72% dark chocolate filled with Inna Jam's jalapeño jam, Recchiuti's Feve bars with a center of crumbled Clarine's Florentines cookies, and Tcho Fruity chocolate with a Jade Genmai chocolate surprise.

Your bootleg Willy Wonka empire awaits. Never mind that it looks like a pair of silicone boobs and you need Oompa Loompa hands to work with it.

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Great suggested combinations Tamara! 

I love all the ones you suggested and look forward to trying.


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