Take a Chance on Polly Ann's New Ice Cream

Tamara Palmer
Polly Ann Ice Cream's wheel of fortune.
We've been going to Polly Ann Ice Cream since before we were tall enough to see over the counter of the original location, which stood almost in the same spot it currently occupies, but the building has since been leveled and a new one erected in its place. What remains from the old spot is the giant wheel, which you can spin for a chance at a free cone if you're willing to take whatever flavor it lands on. (The one time we were brave enough to give it a go, it landed on French vanilla. True story.)

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Tamara Palmer
Amitaba ice cream at Polly Ann.
One flavor worth chancing even without the wheel's assistance is a new one called Amitaba, a blend of white sesame and peanut. Where many varieties here can feel bogged down with full cream and fat (and not always the most natural-tasting fruit or other flavors), this one might just be the lightest ice cream flavor on the roster.

Like its crosstown rival, Mitchell's, flavors with an Asian bent tend to be among the most popular and appreciated in the lineup. Even flavors that don't smell so sweet, like durian, an exotic treat that the shop has served for over 30 years.

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Polly Ann

3138 Noriega St., San Francisco, CA

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