Bacon Bacon's Kitchen: 7 Reasons Why I'm Not Vegetarian

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Bay Ewald
In the words of Homer Simpson, "Is it bacon day?" Why yes, it most certainly is. Bacon Bacon began with the opening of its food truck in July 2011 and has since opened a storefront dubbed "The Kitchen" just off Fredrick Street in Cole Valley. Located just far enough away from the hustle and bustle of Haight Street, it's the type of place you may not know exists unless you go searching for it. If you are a bacon lover of any kind, seek out the storefront and saturate your senses in the grease filled glory of a variety of phenomenal bacon-related items. May it remind you, just as it reminded me, of my precise reasons for not being a vegetarian:

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1. The Bacon Bouquet

Bay Ewald
The idea is simple yet clever, with a presentation of bacon that actually tastes as good as it looks. There's no messing around here -- five strips covered with 100% Maple Syrup Drizzle for $6 is a true treat.

2. The Breakfast Sandwich

Bay Ewald
This item was hands down my favorite. With eggs over easy, bacon, and cheddar on a toasted Brioche Bun what really could go wrong? Absolutely nothing. And what can go especially right (besides, uh, everything?) -- bacon jam, a sweet and savory signature house spread featuring caramelized onion, garlic, roasted bacon, brown sugar, maple syrup and brewed coffee. Long, slow simmer. Liquid reduction, then puree. Perfection.
Bay Ewald

3. The Breakfast Burrito

Bay Ewald
Dr. Seuss once said that you know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams. That being said, after years of breakfast burrito related dream sequences post rowdy nights out on the town, I suppose I can finally wake up and face the reality of the scrambled egg, roasted pork shoulder, cheddar, avocado & bacon breakfast burrito ... for I am in love.

4. Bacon Caramel Corn

Bay Ewald
I fear I will never view the sweet and salty beauty of caramel corn in the same way ever again ... unless that caramel corn has bacon. I momentarily considered dunking my head into this tin of carmel corn, but came off my bacon high just in time to realize that such an act of complete bacon-induced hysteria was just plain crazy.
Or was it?

5. The Triple B Taco

Bay Ewald
$2 on Taco Tuesday for the Triple B Taco--pork butt, pork belly, bacon, momma lil's peppers and goat cheese. I bet you can't eat just one...

6. The Scones

Bay Ewald
The bacon cheddar and bacon maple scones...because you'll need something to go alongside your Arnold Palmer, Roast Co. Coffee, iced tea, or Mexican hot chocolate. Also available are the Toasted Bakers of Paris Croissants with bacon jam, or you can opt for the parfait made with toasted housemade granola, organic Straus Dairy Yogurt, berry jam and fresh fruit (but like, seriously, where's the bacon in that?)

And finally, for your viewing pleassure, I bring to you reason #7: THE PORK BELLY (which unfortunately is not for sale).

Bay Ewald

As Bacon Bacon's motto goes, "Eat it, like it, tweet it." The Kitchen is open for breakfast and lunch 6 days a week until 3 p.m. and is closed on Sundays. Cheers to you, my bacon lovers!

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My favorite food groups are saturated fat and high cholesterol organ meats. My daily consumption of these 2 vital groups should insure a happy and healthy life of contributing to the obesity/diabetes/cardiovascular disease epidemic that we so love in this country. Be patriotic and stand up for these all-American victuals and gorge yourselves in our all-you-can-eat universe!


@MsEmeraldGreen cheese then cured meat?!?! you tweeted about my two favorite food groups -- thanks for sharing!


@ASageAmalgam I could live on charcuterie and croissants!

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