Watch Small Wonders Emerge From Bouche's Tiny Kitchen

Lara Hata
Bouche's marinated salmon.
French restaurant Bouche is a cozy, hidden gem in the shadow of the Stockton Street Tunnel. While the restaurant does have tables, the real action is at the bar. There you can sit and eat dinner while you take in the impressive sight of chef Nicolas Borzee and his line cooks turning out intricate plates with absolutely no wiggle room.

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Tamara Palmer
Bouche's Nicolas Borzee and crew in the not-so-spacious kitchen.
Borzee and cohorts have internalized some sort of intricate choreography, because any wasted movement in this itty bitty space could lead to burns, stabbings, or other culinary mishaps. You will observe this with fascination, particularly when a dish lands in front of you with perfect symmetries and eyedropper details. This is most impressively shown in the marinated salmon dish, which is served on a bed of katafi (shredded phyllo) with creme fraiche and a poached egg with herbaceous accents dotted around the plate. It's truly dinner theater without the kitsch.

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