Rice Cracker Rocks The Disco Sushi

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Disco Sushi

Where: Truck, 1900 Folsom (at 15th St.), 252-0306
When: Wed., Nov. 7, 6-11 p.m.
Cost: Menu items available à la carte (under $10)

The rundown: Rice Cracker Sushi has been bringing its creatively Americanized rolls to San Francisco bars, a cruising circuit that includes such diverse watering holes as Dear Mom, Vinyl Wine Bar, and Truck. The latter is a club that skews gay, an apt place to pair these creations with the sensual pound of true underground disco music (rather than hackneyed hits) from DJ Sergio of local sweatfest Go Bang!

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Expect roll fillings that are anything but conventional, with Buffalo chicken, hard-shell taco, spicy Thai, and country fried 'shroom varieties planned for this night.

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1900 Folsom, San Francisco, CA

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Oh my, sushi with American, Taco Bell (the taco shells of course being the reference, don't get shy, I know the man who started the company), Thai, and "country fried mushroom" varietals.  Combined with disco, that sounds like a japanese dish made in HEEEVANNN!!11.  Sushi "rolls' are already an americanized product, and the food truck movement has already given us enough butchered fusion food, so what do they have to offer besides zero reputation, no reviews and a horrendous concept?  Is it a disco ball?  Or an incentive to perhaps post something on this website?


Just curious, but do they shake your hand, charge you 4% healthcare tax, offer a good vegetarian "option," list their purveyors annoyingly on a menu, or anything like that?  Nah.  All they offer is Japanese bar food with a vegetarian option, right?  For anyone wondering, read previous articles.  


Is the place you're talking about the same place that has no yelp reviews, no website, and no credentials with a simple google search (minus what's previously mentioned)?  Man, it must be, because godaddy seems to reflect the exact same website, as in NO website.  Oh, are they that catering company too?  As we all know, catering companies make insanely great food, just like you post amazing articles. 

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