Wonderland's Szechuan Red Oil Wonton Is a Carnivore's Must

Tamara Palmer
Red oil wontons at Wonderland.
Wonderland opened in the Lower Haight in July, a welcome spot that fills a big void for Chinese food on Haight street. The menu is a spiral-bound miniature binder that, like many places of its ilk, contains a dizzying amount of choices, including a whole section devoted to meatless chicken and a sauce on the side "healthy" corner of steamed items. This is a vegetarian-friendly place for sure, but if you're eating meat, one appetizer worth ordering is the red oil wonton.

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Wonderland is faithful to this Szechuan classic. Little boiled dumplings are filled with minced pork and ginger doused in chili oil and sprinkles of green onion and served in a small bowl. The bark is much worse than the bite; spice freaks might even add some chili paste to perk it up even more. Six dumplings cost $4.95, and will probably leave you wanting another order; they'll disappear quickly.

Unfortunately, there isn't a vegetarian-version of this wonton available here, but it's Wonderland so one can dream that it could be a future possibility.

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Ate there yesterday with two other foodie friends and we would return - the red oil wontons were delicious :)


oh yesss, i order this dish every single time I am at this place.. it's unbelievably good!

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