Only in San Francisco: Cruelty-Free Pâté

Tamara Palmer
Tuscan sunflower pâté by Kiki's Raw.
Pâté typically turns an herbivore's tummy, but San Francisco's Kiki's Raw has turned the concept of the product on its ear with vegan and gluten-free takes on what's traditionally a meat product.

It's not exactly faux gras, but with just seven ingredients including sprouted sunflower seeds, tahini, and spices, the Tuscan Sunflower Pâté mimics that creamy texture in a cruelty-free way. It can potentially give hummus quite the run for the money as a pita bread's new best friend.

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The brainchild of a former yoga and wellness professional, the company launched in February with vegan pâté (there's also an almond and sundried tomato variety), "cheez" sauces, and flax wraps. The next phase of product development for Kiki's Raw is to take on crackers and energy bars.

Find Kiki's Raw products exclusively amongst the meatless offerings at Rainbow Grocery.

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Rainbow Grocery

1745 Folsom, San Francisco, CA

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@thechloeroth @sfoodie @differentfur I feel bad for the sun flowers

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There have always been vegetable pates ... 

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