Learn to Be a Bartender at Beretta's New Cocktail Classes

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Anna Roth
Last night we got a chance to preview Beretta's new hands-on cocktail classes, which are led by the restaurant's own bartenders. Each class focuses around one spirit or type of liquor, and instead of being demo-based, every student gets his own cocktail station complete with all the tools of the trade. We impressed ourselves by making restaurant-quality cocktails under the bartenders' expert tutelage, and learned a few tricks of the trade we'll be taking to our home cocktail parties from now on.

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Each two-hour class starts with a welcome cocktail and snacks, then goes into the details of making three different drinks: one built in the glass, one shaken, and one stirred. Bartenders will also discuss the history of the spirit and cocktail. Participants will be provided recipes and a list of resources for stocking their own home bars.

Here's the class schedule:

Monday, Nov. 3 -- Rye Whiskey (Melissa Boyd)
Mon. Nov. 12 -- Amaro, bitters and digestifs (Adam Wilson)
Mon. Dec. 10 -- Pisco (Enrique Sanchez)
Mon. Jan. 21, 2013 -- Mezcal (Dominic Alling)

Bar kits including a jigger, cocktail shaker, bar spoon, hawthorne strainer, julep strainer, tea strainer, and muddler will also be available for purchase ($55) to continue the fun at home. To reserve a space, call Beretta 695-1199.

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