James Cameron is Vegan, Chico State isn't, and These Ducks are the Happiest!

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  • Good day, friends. There's a new vegan ice cream in town! Vegan ice cream sandwiches, even! Green Girl Bakeshop makes cashew- and coconut-based ice creams with wild flavors like balsamic fig. You can find the gluten-free, soy-free, vegan ice cream at the Montclair and Lafayette farmers' markets.
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  • Guys, vegan bacon-wrapped scallops...say whaaa?! I know. But believe it, it's real. And supposedly easy to make. I'm so sure.

  • vegan_scallops.jpeg

  • James Cameron has gone vegan and totally called out environmentalists who aren't. I believe he also makes movies.
  • In absurd news, Chico State students are freaking out about the proposed introduction of Meatless Monday. But wait--it's not even that the cafeterias would be meatless one day a week, the proposal is that 1 of 5 food stations in only one dining hall would offer vegetarian options on Mondays. Meat would be plentiful everywhere else. The indignity! I ask that you show your support on the Chico for Animals Rights' Facebook page and maybe give the school your two cents in response to this article by the school paper.
  • Mayim Bialik, a.k.a. Blossom, continues to be an awesome vegan. Here she is in her latest PETA ad.

  • mayim.jpeg

  • SF's Walk for Farm Animals is October 13th! Have you signed up? Vegansaurus has a handy list from Gene Baur on the Top Five Reasons to do Walk for Farm Animals. However, I'd like to add a 6th reason that Gene didn't cover: There will prob be dogs in bandanas.
  • California's bobcats and bears are now safe from "hound hunting!" Hound hunting seems hella weird. A bunch of hunting dogs wear radio collars or something and then I'm pretty sure they travel back to the future every night.
  • This is interesting/funny: The pres of the Humane Society is running for a seat on the Tyson Foods' board of directors. Can you imagine if he won? That would be pretty nuts. The Tyson bros would be so pissed!
  • I leave you with an excellent video from Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary. It's just about the happiest video on the internet at the moment. The sanctuary saved this group of two dozen ducks from a bad hoarding situation where they never had access to any kind of pond or what have you. Here they are, going into the water for the first time, very much to their dismay (at first).

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    @vegansaurus yay! that video makes my heart all big & stuff!

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