Grilled Cheez Guy Wants a Food Truck

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Grilled Cheez Guy puts a brick on it.
Oakland's Michael Davidson, aka Grilled Cheez Guy, is using Kickstarter in hopes of raising $33,000 to buy and equip a food truck. He's about 5% of the way there, with 33 days to go.

Davidson isn't the first multi-titled Grilled Cheese Invitational champ to take his skills to a bigger market here in San Francisco. Heidi Gibson, co-owner of the American Grilled Cheese Kitchen in South Park is readying a second location in the Mission, and it's all the extension of a dream formed when winning the super-competitive sandwich battle for the umpteenth time. He's also not the first local grilled cheese cart with truck aspirations; Toasty Melts can claim that title. So why support Davidson's initiative?

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The brick is the secret (don't worry, he wraps it in foil). Davidson's grandmother taught him a lot about cooking, but this is the tip he's built his business on and that allows him a superior crisp whether he's going the traditional route or trying on something original (like a grilled peach and sweet cheese offering).

He needs more than that to compete with Toasty Melts, which has simple but powerful combos like the ABC (apple, bacon, and cheddar), and he promises that if he reaches a certain donation level above what he's asking, he'll be able to install a pinball game and miniature putt putt course on and around the truck to while away the moments while waiting for the sandwich. Well played, Davidson. Well played.

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