Food Truck Slogans That Make Us Giggle

Tamara Palmer
Ebbett's Good to Go's mission statement.
We were waiting for a pork slider from Slider Shack SF at SoMa StrEat Food Park one afternoon when we caught a glimpse of the truck's slogan: "The fun's between the buns!" A couple weekends later, checking out the various mobile food options at Eat Real Fest, the motto on the Ebbett's Good to Go truck made us actually laugh out loud: "Admit it . . . you need a sandwich." It had been a long day and we certainly did, and that cheeky bit of marketing paired with the promise of a nice steak sando earned Ebbett's our ten bucks.

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Often, these truck slogans make us smile even when they aren't being snarky, especially when the truck name itself is one big pun. Something silly and romantic can work, as with Liba SF's "Let your falafel affair begin." In fact, simple enthusiasm goes a long way sometimes, as in the three exclamation points on the side of Filipino breakfast truck Yumsilog: "Grab your fork and spoon and dig in!!!"

We even enjoy the ones that don't really work if you think about 'em too much, like Brass Knuckle's "Stylish street fare: kick it the curb." Those waffle sandwiches are too good to scrape off the curb though really.

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Great post! I am a fan of the sign at Don Bugito's booth (Off the Grid at Fort Mason): All Bugs are Organic, Raised in California


@andi_fisher @SFoodie haha! Love the "The fun's between the buns!" slogan!

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