Chris Daly's Buck Tavern to Close at End of Month

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Staff writer Joe Eskenazi over on The Snitch has the details on the closing of the Buck Tavern, the mid-Market watering hole run by former city supervisor Chris Daly. The bar will shut down for good on October 31, but not before throwing a "nautical-themed" bon voyage party. (Daly is quoted as saying, "the party's gonna suck if you show up in regular clothes.")

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In a 2011 Bouncer column, Katy St. Clair called the Buck Tavern "a boring Cheers," with good nachos but very few patrons. What are your favorite memories of the Buck Tavern, if any? Share in the comments.

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Buck Tavern - CLOSED

1655 Market, San Francisco, CA

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good - I hope Daly lost plenty of money on that place.

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