French-Inspired Candied Milk Jams Get a California Remix

William Werner
Confiture Café au Lait by Craftsman and Wolves.
Confiture au lait, or candied milk jam, is the French take on dulce de leche, though the former uses whole instead of condensed milk as the basis for a slowly simmering caramel sauce.

"Confiture au lait is rather common in France," says chef William Werner, who sells both café au lait and matcha varieties at Craftsman and Wolves. "I felt, however, the idea of 'milk jam' to most consumers in the States would not go over well. I looked to make a connection that would not sacrifice flavor or product identity, but would allow the average Joe to find it approachable. Thus Confiture Café au Lait. Milk and coffee are pretty approachable, and once you're told you can put the two on your morning toast or pour over waffles? Ding, ding, ding! Winner!"

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Drew Altizer Photography
Tout Sweet's candied milk jam with vanilla cognac.
Candied milk jam was one of the secret weapons that helped Yigit Pura win the first season of Top Chef Just Desserts; host Gail Simmons declared that she'd like to take a bath in it. Pura now offers a version of his candied milk jam with vanilla cognac at his new Tout Sweet Patisserie.

"Milk Jam is like dulce de leche's fancy French cousin," says Pura. "I've developed my version to complement flavors of my cakes and sweets. But, truth be told, at home I eat it straight out of the jar!"

Pura is right; these are good simply on a spoon or a finger. Might as well mainline it directly into the body if possible. Milk jam stands on its own or makes something outrageous out of a piece of fruit or scoop of ice cream.

Keep an eye on the proliferation of this product. Where two of the city's leading pastry chefs tread, others will follow.

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Craftsman and Wolves

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Tout Sweet Patisserie

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