Buyer's Best Friend Expanding to North Beach

Christina Spittler
A couple months back we wrote about the interesting new Buyer's Best Friend specialty food shop in the Upper Haight, where customers can sample any product in the store. The owners recently announced they're expanding to a second location in North Beach, on Columbus between Green and Vallejo, which will have special emphasis on the neighborhood's Italian-American roots.

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The Buyer's Best Friend Mercato will fit into its new 'hood with a focus on Italian products, especially those locally made, like olive oils, along with its usual selection of chocolates, coffee, jars of jams and pickles, sauces, teas, and more. And according to Eater, North Beach residents will receive a 5% discount on every purchase.

If all goes according to plan, the North Beach location will open its doors on Friday, October 26.

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