Buenos Aires Alfajores Charm With Californian Sensibilities

Buenos Aires Alfajores
Gluten-free cookies by Buenos Aires Alfajores.
Buenos Aires Alfajores is an Oakland-based handmade cookie company by Argentinean expatriate Andrea Ozzuna. Her products are based on her grandmother's recipes, but Ozzuna has introduced some adaptations that fit right at home with the Bay Area palate.

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She avoids the powdered sugar dusting that can make eating some alfajores look like your shirt or pants took a trip to the drug disco and instead offers a gluten-free variety of the soft sandwich cookies, which are joined by sweet dulce de leche condensed milk caramel filling and rolled in coconut, as well as versions dipped in dark chocolate or meringue.

A hint of lemon zest is a flavor that's also not usually found here, but it is a brilliant, subtle addition and the note that lingers after it's finished. The softness of the cookies suggest they'd probably taste pretty good stale, too, but they won't hang around long enough for that.

Find them online or in San Francisco at Whole Foods or Rainbow Grocery.

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