3 Free Apps To Help You Survive the Fall Holidays

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As we move toward November it isn't too soon to get ready for Thanksgiving and beyond. Whether you are looking to cook, shop or find a place to take (or escape from) your relatives, there are plenty of free iPhone apps help you prepare for the coming onslaught. If you're staying in the city, the (shameless plug alert) SF Weekly App is a great guide to local events, restaurants, clubs and bars. But there are a few more apps to help you survive, and even enjoy, the season.

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Thanksgiving Dinner Coach

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If you are looking to cook the Thanksgiving feast, the CHOW "Thanksgiving Dinner Coach" is the granddaddy of Thanksgiving menu apps. CHOW's app gives you a standard Thanksgiving menu of turkey, sides and even a tasty punch and then provides the recipes, shopping lists, and even a schedule to keep you on track. And if you can't stand the thought one more green bean dish, CHOW will link you to hundreds of holiday recipes on their site.

Them Apples

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And if you plan to bake an apple pie or make applesauce, but get confused at all the options at the farmer's market, the "Them Apples" app is a quick, easy fix. "Them Apples" gives quick tasting notes and sorts over 25 popular apples by baking, eating, sauce and pie varieties. The app also includes a quick photo reference, seasonal information and tips on storage.

Winery Finder

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Sometimes during the "holidaze" we all need to get away (and even have a drink or two). And if you need to escape, the "Winery Finder" app features an in-depth guide to Napa and Sonoma wineries. If you want to find wineries, current deals, tasting events or parties in the wine country, the Winery Finder will have it both in list and map views with hours and contact information. The Winery Finder app is fully social with links to Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and Yelp reviews, so you can bring your friends along (or not).

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