"No, You're Boring": 1058 Hoagie Lashes Out Against This Week's Review

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anna roth is boring 1058.jpg
My own personal daily special board at 1058 Hoagie.
When you write criticism for a living, it's your job to dish out the bad along with the good. I had high hopes for 1058 Hoagie, the new sandwich shop from Adam Mesnick, the owner of the excellent Deli Board, but when I reviewed it this week in the paper I found some of the new hoagies to be lacking the creativity of his original hot sandwiches.

The review and its punny headline, "Deli Bored," caused me to became the subject of schoolyard name-calling on the sandwich shop's daily special board -- as Marcia Gagliardi at Tablehopper discovered and posted on Instagram with the caption, "This is what happens @1058hoagie when they don't like your review's headline: you become a special. Snark=snark."

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A little investigative work revealed that it is day two of the "Anna Roth is boring" campaign over at the original Deli Board, where today's specials ran under the header "Anna Roth, still boring."

anna roth still boring deli board2.jpg
Deli Board
Screenshot from today's specials board.

It's unclear how long the badmouthing will go on before the restaurants go back to naming their specials board things like "teams got heart" and "backyards, tecate, and requests."

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This is so funny. Part of having a restaurant is being subjected to reviews! They need to get over it. Or maybe step up their game and invite you back! you should go everyday that they have a sandwich for you and try each one.  

no-youre-wrong like.author.displayName 1 Like

Hey Anna, why don't you quit complaining about other people "bad mouthing" you when that's what you do for a living?  I guess it's only "schoolyard name calling" when it happens to you and not when it's in the title of the very review that started it all.


You blowhard.

vanmoore like.author.displayName 1 Like

Hipsters acting like children. I am shock!


@SFoodie I have had some of the worst customer service at deli board!!

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